Why Mailsac is so expensive?

Mailsac is so expensive in comparative with other email providers and email forwarding providers. $18 monthly. Even Google Workspace is more cheaper.

Please do not reply to me with “so go and pay for Google workspace instead”, I am asking as a new user of Mailsac.

Hello Alexander,

You are right, for an individual looking for email hosting and forwarding there are cheaper and I would agree better options. For disposable email, mailsac is still a great option. We don’t even require an account to view the contents of a public email inbox.

The customers getting the most value from Mailsac are software quality assurance teams. Mailsac has a robust REST API and features that make setting up a custom sudomain in seconds very easy. We receive hundreds of thousands of messages every day from teams doing software testing. Mailsac allows teams to validate the emails have been received and that the content of the emails is what was intended to be sent. Moreover, we offer an email capture service that can help integration test emails stay off twitter’s trending page.

If you are looking to do email forwarding forwardmail is a good option if you already have a email hosting. If you need a hosting service fastmail seems to be getting a lot of love. But there are thousands of options.

What features made consider mailsac as an option?
Could you tell me a bit more about how you want to use mailsac?

Hi @mjmayer. I am a single user.
I am looking for “disposable email” feature. I know Mailsac offer “public inbox” for Free. I create my Mailsac account for use “private inbox” feature, but I was surprised with the pricing.
I will try forwardmail.net.

Indeed, when viewed as an email hosting platform, Mailsac seems unnecessarily expensive.

Luckily, that’s not what we do :slight_smile:

Mailsac is for software dev and QA teams to send and verify lots of test email. This is bulk/throwaway/API/speed/scalability kind of problem. In that sense our customers say they find it pretty competitive.

The free inboxes are useful for a lot more than QA, of course. But you can’t reply or do very much “normal” email stuff. The messages are frequently deleted. So as normal email, it’s probably not what you want. We see the free inboxes more as an extended trial of disposable email for testing software.

Myself, I host my of my email elsewhere :slight_smile: though keep a few hundred mailsac addresses for staying anonymous on scammy websites. I guess that is one difference from standard email providers. Mailsac gives you effectively infinite email addresses under a custom domain, which can be redirected to a single one that you check via POP3. Even that is pretty limited and intended primarily for software testing, though.