Receiving emails in UI but no response in API

I am using mailsac for API automation and verifying the contents if signup emails but fo past few days, I am not receiving any responses in the AP. This is the API endpoint I am trying to use: GET[​/addresses​/{email}​/messages]

Could someone please help with this issue? Thanks.

Hello tempmailuser001,

I’m happy to investigate this issue further, but I do need a bit more information about your environment.

The following information will help me identify why you are not receiving mail.

  • the IP address of your sending server
  • the email addresses you are sending to, and/or the domain you are sending TO
  • the from email addresses, and/or the domain you are sending FROM
  • Time frames when messages were lost. A ball park is ok, like, “from 8am - 9am on Dec 3rd GMT we sent 100 messages and only 85 were received” or just “I tried sending 5 messages from 8am - 9am GMT Dec 3rd and none of them went through”