One time login code from google

Hi there,

I have @mailsac email account set as backup email on my google account. Upon login google sends me a one time verification code that I don’t receive (it is not appearing in my @mailsac inbox).
However, I had no issues receiving the first email from google with the code to confirm the backup email.
I have @mailsac account and this email belongs to me (which is suppose to lift the limits or thresholds) however.
This account is very important for me, so I would appreciate a timely response.
Should I subscribe to a paid account to have the issue resolved?

Thanks in advance

Hi Sergey,

Sorry for the trouble, but we receive hundreds of password reset / account verification emails from google every minute. It is hard not to assume that these are being used for fraud. For the greater good of the internet we have blocked password reset / account verification emails from google. If you send me the email address in the support ticket you opened, I can investigate the matter further.


Thank you, all the details sent in the ticket.