Is there a Mailsac destination URL for Twilio webhook?

I would like to send Twilio incoming SMS to Mailsac
Is there a Mailsac destination URL for Twilio webhook?


Mailsac does not have a receiving webhook service.

My suggestion would be to write an application that listens for Twilio webhooks. Your webhook application could then send the email to Mailsac via your SMTP server.

Alternatively, you could send using Mailsac’s Outbound SMTP Service, which will require SMTP sending credits.

You could also use the Mailsac’s Capture Service, each message sent to the capture service will use 1 API call, but does not require SMTP sending credits. However, with the capture service, email will only be delivered to the Mailsac service. For example, sending to via the capture service will not deliver the email to but it will be visible through the Mailsac website at

Do you need clarification on any of my suggestions?

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Thanks for support Michael!

For capture service, is there an API to retrieve text from within

I’m looking for similar API. This worked for me’ + message_id

There is a REST API to retrieve text from a message. The REST API is not specific to the capture service.

To get the text of a message, first list all messages in an inbox using /api/addresses/

Once you have identified the message_id required you can retrieve the message text using /api/text/{message_id}

Since your original question was about webhooks. I’ll point out that you could use webhooks or a websocket to get notified of any new messages sent to a private address in mailsac. In short, you would have an application that is listening for webhooks from twilio, which would then send an email to mailsac, then mailsac can post a webhook to your application when the email is received. With this setup you can confirm that the email was received by Mailsac. I’m not sure if that fits your use case.

Thanks for your support. Twilio and Sendgrid services worked for me