I NEED TO TALK TO YOU, USERS! I will give you a small Amazon / Starbucks giftcard

Hi Folks,

My name is Surj and I am a product manager person. I want to make the Mailsac UX better, but key to that is hearing and understanding what is needed from users paying to use it. Ahem, erm thats you! :smiley: You even get a Starbucks or Amazon gift card for an ethically appropriate amount from a cheapskate (I’m the cheapskate)

Free tier also welcome - we will comp you a giftcards worth of Mailsac for participating, but we have to follow up and get feedback. We are way too “lean” for “fire and forget” gifts.

I am really interested in users who use this to test Salesforce apps and deployments and also Selenium users.

I’ll ask what you typically do. I just need to know how you use it, simple questions. Like user stories. I will ask to record the session you but that’s because I am old and forgetful. No, I wont go and secretly make a bajillion dollars on Tiktok with your likeness. Happy to not record and try and scribble notes if you prefer. Screen shares really welcome but be sure that I am not seeing anything that I should not be seeing. (Like confidential stuff etc, I wont say a thing but privacy is a noble adn essential goal these days)

I’ll also ask you if you want any features made or rough edges smoothed out. Convenient Caveat:: We will absolutely try and get to them all but we will priortize those that have the biggest impact for all of our community first.

I’ll also post a summary of what we find if we have more than a handful of participants.

You can sign up at this Calendly. I am West coast (GMT-8) timezone.

Also folks, I am doing this as a favor to two great friends. So no “toxic waste dumping” please :slight_smile: . This is a great opportunity for you to get what you want and NEED. Thank you :slight_smile:

All the best,



Hello Mailsac Users,

Surj is working with us to help engage with our customers. Please support his effort by contacting him.


All right folks. If you want to vent, you can publically vent here… I need signal. But really looking for what works, what doesnt and I’ll try and get it improved. You get a $25 giftcard if you zoom with me. I time limit to 20 minutes.