I made multiple mails but they got purged after 3 days

Hi all,

I made about 10 emails and registered for DALL E 2 waitlist with all of them and it sent one email to each of them, confirming that they are on the waitlist. I waited for 3-4 days and now it feels like any of the emails that got access to DALL E 2 (aka received an email stating that the wait is over) have been purged. Now half of my generated emails are empty. Any clue why this happened, what I did wrong or how I can fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Auditormadness9,

Our service does remove emails sent to public addresses (ie @mailsac.com) on a regular basis in order to reduce storage cost and keep our service fast and responsive. Typically, for messages sent to a public address are retained for 4 days and have a max number of 6 messages per inbox.

Our paid plans allow you more control over message retention.
Message storage prevents emails from being recycled.

  • If you star a message, it will not be recycled until you unstar it.
  • Private addresses will not be recycled, up to your storage limit.
  • Messages on custom domains will not be recycled, up to your storage limit.

I hope this helps you understand what happened to your messages.

It’s a bummer to hear some mail was recycled. Unfortunately that is to be expected - Mailsac is disposable email, after all, it is sort of a feature to have mail be ephemeral.

Here’s a link to the Mailsac docs on the storage limits, and how to avoid the problem with mail being removed too early.