I can't receive messages to email with "+"

Hi Mailsac team!
Since last few weeks i cant get messages to email type qa+{{Timestamp}}@mydomain.msdc.co
If it not contains “+” everything works fine

Hello s.fart2012,

There was a change on our side. Our service now supports Plus-addressing (Mail Redirection — Mailsac Documentation documentation). This feature is common among several large email providers and there was a customer request to support it in our service.

I apologize about any inconvenience this has caused. Removing the + from any address you send to will resolve this issue.

Thanks for reaching out

Thanks for fast reaction! Have a nice day and thanks for yours work!

If you put “[email protected]” into the input field, it should open “https://mailsac.com/inbox/[email protected]” not “https://mailsac.com/inbox/[email protected]”.

You can’t receive email on “https://mailsac.com/inbox/[email protected]” anyway.


Hi Gre-gor,

Thanks for the feedback. You are right, since we have implemented plus addressing, it does seem counter-intuitive to allow you to view an inbox that is not capable of receiving mail. Though we have always allowed viewing of an inbox regardless if it is capable of receiving an email or not. For example https://mailsac.com/inbox/[email protected]

I will bring this up with engineering and our UI team for discussion.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Sending to [email protected] is possible, unlike an inbox address with a “+”.

The server even accepts something as ridiculous as " "@unknown?.

It would be best, if any inbox link with a “+”, would be redirected to the actual inbox link without “+”.

Hi Gre-gor,

You seem to have a pretty in-depth knowledge of our service considering you were able to use SMTP direct sending to populate mail in [email protected] :slight_smile:

I’ve created an issue for discussion with our engineering team to discuss how to handle plus addressing the in the UI.