How to use webhooks with discord?


I was wondering if its possible to directly have messages sent in my discord when I receive a mailsac email?


Webhook forwarding can be used on any private address at Mailsac, including a catch-all address. The Webhook Documentation shows where in the Mailsac UI to configure forwarding.

  1. Configure discourse to receive webhooks
  2. Reserve a private address in Mailsac (this requires a paid subscription)
  3. Configure webhook forwarding on the private Mailsac adress

You should then be able to send messages to the private address and they will be posted to your discourse channel.

I haven’t implemented this configuration, but based on knowledge of webhooks and the discourse documentation, it should work.

Yes I have a subscription and ill test this out thank you!

Hey, @ShowcaseOG - just curious if you got the discord webhook working?

Also, the mailsac webhook email payload JSON is documented on the API Spec.