How to get message id knowing it's subject

is there any simple way to get message id when i already know this message’s subject?

I found in the specification that there is an endpoint like inbox-search, but i not really understand how to use it…

Thank you for support!

Hello Srulom,

This is the API endpoint I would use to search for a message by subject.

The URL you call is going to look like"Test Email Subject". In this example Test Email Subject will be searched for. This will return any messages that matches Test Email Subject or contain Test Email Subject that are sent to your verified custom domain or private email addresses.

There is another API endpoint we are working on that has a slightly more robust search method. I will follow up in this thread with a link to the updated API docs once it is made available.

Ah, ok, so this will only work for private and custom address, right?
Is there any method to search for a message in randomly created inbox?

Correct. The API endpoint I referenced will only work on private addresses and verified custom domains.

There is no search methods for public mailsac address. You could use this endpoint to list messages in an inbox. The meta data returned from this endpoint will include message id and subject. You could then loop over messages checking for the subject.

There is an email delivery confirmation example in our docs. It is written in Python and would need some adjustments to check for subject, but the basic framework logic is there.

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Hey Srulom,

Here are the docs for our recently publish inbox-filter endpoint. It allows searching of messages by subject, to, and from. Similar to the inbox-search endpoint, this endpoint will only get messages in a private address or custom domain.