Help using the search mail endpoint

Hello I am just trying out mailsac for potential use in my automation tests.

I have 3 emails in my inbox and then I try to search for the subject using your swagger UI.

I have entered my Api key and can get a list of all my messages.

When I search for a email using the:



One of my emails has the subject: 'Email number 3'

When I enter 'Email number 3' in the search query field I get this response:

  "query": "Email number 3",
  "messages": []

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?



Hi Matt,

Thanks for posting on the forums.

I sent an email from to with the subject line “Email number 3”

I tested the inbox-search endpoint in the swagger UI. It seems to be working.

The inbox search only searches private inboxes and domains. Since you are still on the free tier you don’t have any private inboxes or domains, which is why it is not returning any messages.

I do see how this is not crystal clear from the documentation.

Hi thanks for the clarification

I have should have read the documentation more carefully!