Fresh, new email address

I need to run some tests where I sign up a new user. The user’s email address cannot be one that has been used in our database before.

My thinking is that I can create a new address by using:
<account_name>_<random 5 character string>

Then I can send a post request to:<new_address>

I’m assuming this is the same as clicking on the ‘Make a random inbox now’ link on the dashboard. Is this a correct assumption? Or should I be doing something else?

Hello Trent,

Sorry for the delay in response. Discourse email notifications are being filtered as spam :angry:

You are essentially correct. Typically people think an email address needs to exist before sending to it. With mailsac addresses don’t actually exist, only the email sent to the address exists (This doesn’t hold true for Private Addresses). When you go to<new_address> the database is queried for messages sent to <new_address>.

Your use case of sending to <account_name>_<random 5 character string> is very common and works well. I would recommend signing up for a plan and using a private domain to avoid issues of throttling, privacy, and collisions with other users who might be using the same address. But if you are just getting started with mailsac, then sending to the is perfect for now.