Free Plan Questions

I got couple of questions about the Free Plan can you please answer those

  • With a free plan can I have a private email address that only I can access

  • With a free plan can I delete permanently the emails for my own account or any other mailsac account

  • With a free plan can I access a email with IMAP protocol using java code example javax.mail?

Best Regards

Hello Juan!

Thanks for posting your questions on the forum.

  1. Free plans do not allow for private email addresses.
  2. Emails sent to public email addresses can be deleted by any mailsac customer
  3. To check email via POP3 the email address will need to be private, which requires a paid subscription.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

(edit - corrected supported protocol for checking mailbox via mail client. IMAP is not supported. POP3 is)

One more question does the account for is different from Sign into your Mailsac account, currently I can not login to the latest one

Hi Juan,

I mispoke. We have support for POP3 services, but not IMAP. You can find information about how to use POP3 in our docs.

Regarding credentials. The credentials for and are discrete.

Probably worth noting that a mailsac account is not equal to an email address at mailsac.

The account is effectively your login username, with some message storage and allotted API calls (“Ops”).

Under your account you can have zero, or many, email addresses.

Those email addresses may be implicitly part of a custom domain, or specifically reserved “private addresses” or just public disposable addresses where you “star” the messages to keep them in your account’s storage.

You have to subscribe to unlock the custom domains and private addresses. It’s going to be only public email addresses, otherwise.