Emails from Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and DisneyPlus are not received

Why are Emails from Streaming Services Blocked?

Email from streaming services is blocked because of fraud.

At Team Mailsac, we understand that our services can be leveraged to create and share email addresses. Compromised streaming service accounts have been associated with addresses and distributed on internet forums. We have taken the steps to block all messages from streaming services.

How Can I Recover My Compromised Streaming Account?

We recommend reaching out to the streaming service provider’s customer support.

Will You Block Access to the Email Inbox that Stole My Credentials?

Yes. Contact with the address that was used to compromise your streaming services account and we will block further access to the address.

Will Mailsac Unblock Email from Netflix?


Will Mailsac Unblock Email from Hulu?


Will Mailsac Unblock Email from Spotify?


Will Mailsac Unblock Email from DisneyPlus?