Emails are not received from specific sender email address


I recently stopped receiving emails from one of our test environment email accounts, [email protected]. The email box that should receive the emails is [email protected]. Could you please check the logs and determine the issue with this specific sender’s email address?

Hello Oleg,

Thanks for reaching out. We are receiving lots of email from Public addresses, like the one are are sending to, are subject to a global throttling limit which is shared among all users sending to public addresses.

Our paid plans include private subdomains and private addresses, which allow us to identify mail as coming from a customer with a paid plan. We are able to apply higher throttling limits based on this information.

Thank you for your response. With the paid Indie plan, is there anything I can do to prevent this problem?

Yes, with the indie plan you can make use of private addresses and custom domains. With these configured on your account mail sent to them will virtually be free from throttling.