Can't receive microsoft confirmation emails

Hello, I have been using your service to create microsoft accounts for the past few days. Earlier today, however, I have stopped receiving the verification codes I need to create these emails using Mailsac. Thank you for your help!

Hi AbyssalGod,

Emails from the domain have been throttled for months causing delays / missing email when using mailsac to sign up for accounts with Microsoft. It is hard for me to see any legitimate reason why mailsac would receive as many emails as we do from the domain

If you are a QA tester employed by Microsoft or have an official affiliation with Microsoft I would be interested to hear about how you are using mailsac.

Dear mjmayer,
I’m not a QA tester employed by microsoft, but an independent party. I use microsoft emails for a variety of purposes, and it was extremely easy to use this service to create those emails. However, I cannot log into any of them at the moment due to the domain being throttled. Are you the one who throttled the connection or was it someone from Microsoft? Thank you for your time.

Hi AbyssalGod,

Based on the level of traffic we are receiving from the domain there appears to be some kind of automated Microsoft account creation or hacking attempt.

It is unfortunate that other users of mailsac are causing emails from domain to be throttled/delayed/discarded. This in turn is making your legitimate emails from microsoft to be throttled/delayed/discarded.

You may want to look into hosting your own email domain. I’ve heard good things about mail-in-box. I’ve also heard that Forward Mail and Fastmail both support catch all addresses, which could be useful for your purposes.

Thanks for your participation on the mailsac forums!


Hi I have some doubt we already Create Account used to recovery email Now try to Login My Account it’s sent OTP to Recover email but Manytime tried not received OTP What is solution ? paid subscription I can receive OTP ?

Hello tunesolution,

Having a paid subscription will not allow for receiving of Microsoft OTP emails.

@mjmayer Ok Then any solution

Recover our Hotmail account ??? Maybe when this issue fix ? I am not asking create new or Hotmail account i am asking my existing account Asking OTP sent mailsac recovery email

Thanks we waiting valuable your response.

Hello tunesolution,

Sorry for the delay in response.

There have been a significant number of OTP emails sent from Microsoft to Mailsac. A few mailsac users have reached out about the deliverability of these OTP email. They have been unable to provide evidence of a business relationship with Microsoft. We do not allow mailsac to be used for bulk / automated account creation at third party services which the customer has no business affiliation.

As I suggested to AbyssalGod you may want to look into hosting your own email service or explore other email providers.

Hello tunesolution,

I found a solution that may work for you. Microsoft has an Microsoft Account Recovery Form. This form can be used to recover your Microsoft account when you no longer can receive the verification code from Microsoft.

Hope this helps,