Can my custom domain be

Custom Domain Options

Mailsac offers custom email domains. This allows customers to receive mail using one of our zero-setup subdomains (eg or a domain already owned by the customer (Bring Your Own Domain).

The zero-setup subdomain is great for customers not familiar with DNS or who do not already own a domain. The BYOD option is ideal if you are concerned about branding within your QA team. This allows you to use a domain, such as,

Can I use as my custom domain?


Why not?

There are DNS entries called MX Records. These records indicate which email servers will receive email for a particular domain (ie

You can use MX Toolbox to see gmail’s MX records. The IP addresses listed by MX Toolbox are IP addresses of servers owned by google.

When you send an email to a address, your email server will check the MX records for, then make a connection to a server listed in the MX records. Therefore, email sent to address will always be delivered to google server and never to a mailsac server.

What about

Same reason for