Can I Respond to an Email Sent to Mailsac?

Sending email, both replies and new messages, is available only from private addresses and private domains. Sending or replying requires mail credits.

All of our paid plans come with an initial allotment of sending credits. Additional credits can be purchased in blocks of 10,000 messages on the pricing page. The email servers we use have support for anti-spam technologies (DKIM, DMARC, SPF). These features are configured for you when you use a zero-setup custom domain. We provide instructions for setting the required DKIM, DMARC, and SPF records for a Bring Your Own Domain (BYODomain).

Reliably sending email on the internet has become increasingly hard as spammers and fraudsters are constantly looking for ways to get their messages in front of people’s eyes. While we do our best to ensure delivery of emails sent through Mailsac, our focus is on receiving email to facilitate software testing teams. Emails sent through Mailsac should be in support of software testing and not used with production systems where email deliverability is critical.