Automation test not retrieving emails from Mailsac

The tests we run for our application retrieves an account confirmation email from Mailsac, I am seeing if someone can help resolve what is happening.

When I run the test the script is “Retrieving Confirm your Borrower Wallet link from Mailsac for [email protected]”.

The browser refreshes and keeps attempting to fetch the confirmation email, it attempts up to 500 tries but does not retrive.


Looking at the receiving email address [email protected] I suspect you are running into an issue with a recently released feature. On January 16th 2022 we released Plus-Addressing

When you send to any inbox at a mailsac hosted domain, if a + plus symbol is included, we remove that symbol and everything after it. In your case [email protected] is being delivered to [email protected]. Sorry for any issues this has caused you.

Plus-addressing has long been on our backlog and is supported by many large email providers(gmail, fastmail, icloud).


Is this feature working for APIs because I can’t see any email responses in APIs responses?