AMP Email support?

Some developers I work with asked if mailsac supports AMP emails. We don’t have any actually created yet as far as I know, but is that something that should be currently supported? (And as I ask I’ll take some time to try to make one and test it out.)

Hey Robb,

Glad to see your question, it gave me a chance to look into what an AMP email is.

From a cursory look at some of the AMP Documentation it seems like an AMP email is a standard email. Support for AMP seems to depend on an email client that supports the AMP javascript library.

Our web client likely will not support AMP since it will probably be blocked by the browser. Browsers don’t want to run javascript that is hosted on a different domain than the domain that the browser is accessing.

You should still be able to use our API and web interface to validate that the email is received. However, some the dynamic content may not be displayed correctly. That being said, AMP emails are mostly still HTML, so you should still be able to validate the contents of the email.

Let me know how your testing of an AMP email I’d love hear about.

Could you also share what you are looking to test with regards to AMP emails?