Which api I can use to read the email body/ email content

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Which api I can use to read the email body / email content?

GET /api/text/:email/:messageId is the endpoint used to read email body.

curl -H "Mailsac-Key: YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" https://mailsac.com/api/text/user1@mailsac.com/Jn1wa9AwLigQwIbwUGyMMollJkeWSeUd-0

It will return the text section of the email.

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To read a specific message, the messageId must be known. The messageId can be found by using GET /api/addresses/:email/messages endpoint. This endpoint will list all messages for a provided :email inbox.

The REST API - Getting Started section of the documentation includes code examples and detailed information on how to:

  • Get Messages
  • Read Message Bodies
  • Send Messages